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i was going through old photos yesterday wanting to post one on instagram for throwback thursday when i came across this gem. it was june 2008 and we were on vacation with my parents in Banff, Alberta, Canada. matt and i used to always take a kissing picture when we traveled. somewhere along the line we stopped doing that. i think mostly because we don’t go on vacation with people we know anymore and it’s a little weird to ask a total stranger to snap a photo of you and your husband making out. but after finding this, i believe it’s time to renew that tradition.

gah, i just love this. the gallant way he’s standing, how his hat is hanging from the string around his neck, the protectiveness of his arms around my waist. and how young we look! time passes so quickly. if we’re not careful, one day we’ll reflect back on life and wonder where it all went. i don’t want that to happen. i don’t want to lose the sweet, simple things in this world. i want to hold on to what is sacred, no matter how small, because that is what makes life and love special.

so i am challenging myself with holding on to the sacred. whether that is bringing back the kissing picture or leaving behind love notes or whatever. but making an effort to slow down, be thoughtful, make time for the small, simple things. and i’ll start today, right now.

do you have any traditions you keep sacred? or need to bring back?


6 thoughts on “flashback

  1. I like this sweet post, Amanda. We don’t necessarily have a tradition to bring back, but more than that it’s just to pay more attention to each other in meaningful ways. We’re at a point with our kids, ages 9 and 6, where they demand SO MUCH of us that we come last to each other after them. My guy sent me a random love text today, and I realized how much the little things make a big difference.

  2. I love this. My husband, drew, and I always end up with kissing photos as well. I will remember to never stop now! We actually went to Banff this summer for vacation. Drew’s parents live near there.

  3. My husband, drew, and I always take kissing photos. I will remember to never stop now! You guys look so cute in this photo. We actually were in Banff this summer visiting Drew’s parents. They live near there.

  4. It’s amazingly beautiful up there. We took our baby moon up there. I hiked upa mountain to a tea house on lake Louise almost 7 months pregnant. I hope we get to visit his parents again up there!

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