over the mother’s day weekend

mother’s day is pretty much my favorite day of the year. i like it even better than my birthday, and i REALLY love my birthday. there’s just so many feels and emotions attached to this day. plus i get breakfast in bed complete with mimosas, am showered with gifts and kisses, and i don’t have to lift a finger to do anything whatsoever. basically, i am queen for the day. seriously, best day of the year.

the weather was absolutely abysmal the entire day. so we all three (well four if you count the few minutes the cat decided to join us) piled on the bed, listened to music and watched the rain fall outside. matt made me a frittata packed with fresh farmers market goodies and a toasted gluten free apple cinnamon muffin. i got chocolate and prints from local artists as well as the unrated 50 Shades of Grey movie from amazon prime. did i mention this is my favorite day ever?

the afternoon proved to be gloomy still, so we lazed about the house spinning records and playing monopoly and video games. i sipped on gin n tonics and got a foot massage. and for dinner, matt grilled out a new york strip and whipped up some tasty sweet potatoes with sautéed greens and peppers.

as soon as kiddo went to bed, we turned on 50 Shades and well yada yada yada.

so, yes indeed. best day of the year.


over the weekend

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this past weekend was our second annual parish retreat at camp mitchell, a gorgeous place in the middle of petit jean state park. we always have so much fun on these church trips. i love the people and the fellowship and the surroundings and the peacefulness at the camp. plus, we have a whole lot of fun. we are episcopalians, you know.

while the camp is owned by the diocese of arkansas, it does support the surrounding community. they have a CSA farm that is going on about 2 years where they grow tons of organic fruits and veggies as well as raise free-range chickens.

on saturday, we all walked to the lookout where it is believed that petit jean, a french girl who disguised herself as a boy to follow her love on a ship to the new world, died and was buried. legend has it that her spirit gives the place a mystical quality. i just think it’s really pretty.

we ended the weekend with eucharist in the open air chapel and we sang hymns to the sounds of the wind and birds. i’m always so refreshed and thankful for these quiet weekends. i can’t wait for next year.

over the weekend


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this past weekend was busy and fun and sunny and warm and full of great things.

i spent a cozy friday night in my room with my book and gin while matt had some dudes over for tacos and tequila. it was so entertaining listening to the guys talk while playing games and sampling hot sauce. the din of male voices having a great time is a really sweet sound.

this weekend was also the 41st annual dogwood festival. it’s a small town ‘arts and crafts’ show with booths and food trucks littering our downtown parks. tons of people roll into siloam springs for this shindig every year. it’s crazy and kinda lame but sorta fun. this time it felt more exciting, maybe because for once the weather was super nice. i volunteered with a friend to be the handicap parking czar, making sure the festival’s disabled patrons had proper access to all the fun. well, at least in my two hour time slot on saturday afternoon. but as a family we walked around and bought tie-dye t-shirts and chocolate and a samurai sword.

saturday night i went to a birthday house party. i expected to only go for an hour or so but stayed late into the night dancing and laughing. that was good for my soul. i have some really beautiful friends, by the way.

sunday was a lovely church service then a visit from my dad. and we made burgers for dinner and realized that grilled pineapple is my new favorite thing.

this weekend was wonderful.

don’t be a weak thinker

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i just finished reading ‘american rust.’ it was given to me by a friend and while it’s not necessarily something i would have picked up on my own, i really ended up enjoying this read. the subject matter was a bit heavy, but i loved the writing style, stream of consciousness, as it’s kinda how i typically write. it pulls me in to the characters, allows me to feel what they feel. plus, this book had some really great lines, like ‘don’t be a weak thinker.’

i love that thought. it’s not that we’re weak willed or weak hearted or even weak physically. we just don’t think we can do something so we won’t even try. i want that line to be a kind of mantra for my life. any action or idea starts in the mind and if you can’t imagine big things, you’ll never accomplish them. not necessarily MLK or JFK or Beyonce kinda things, but SOMETHING. go beyond the comfort zone, outside the box, uncharted territory. a challenge. a stretch.

don’t be complacent, average or ‘normal.’ always strive to be more, whatever ‘more’ looks like.

imagine. create. BE. greater than you’ve ever known or understood to be possible. go above and beyond the realm of possibility. surprise yourself. there’s always more, bigger, better, greater out there if we’ll only just believe it to be so. then work hard to make it a reality.

but it all starts with ‘don’t be a weak thinker.’

the main event

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last friday was the annual main event, a fundraising dinner for our main street organization. it’s like the most fun thing. we get all dressed up, eat yummy food, drink tasty cocktails and spend lots of money to benefit our downtown. matt and i always bid on the same item: one night stay, dinner and limo ride to the cherokee casino. yes. three years running. this time around, it was a live auction item, and boy howdy did matt have ever so much fun outbidding everyone else. of course that means we also spent about $100 more on it than previous years but what the hey, it’s for a good cause. and that limo ride is worth it, man. of course, the ride is only about 10 minutes long because the casino is really close by, but WHO CARES I’M IN A BLEEPING LIMOUSINE!! plus the steak house there is off the churt. so good.

but the whole event is awesome and it always raises a ton of money. i think it accounts for about a quarter to one half the total yearly budget for the organization. and our main street is kinda the cutest.

the photo booth was a nice new touch this year. you can tell this was at the end of the night and we were feeling loose and happy. and i rocked the shit outta this pantsuit. dancing like a crazy person out on the floor. yep, it was a fun night.


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my mom and i used to look for four leaf clovers together. she was a master at it, could find them by just walking through the grass, always with her hands clasped behind her back. sometimes she’d ruffle the tufts with her foot is she suspected maybe that extra leaf was from a clover neighbor and not a lucky one at all.

every spring i’m compelled to find one. the parks are full of lush clover mounds. the past couple days i’ve been searching hard for one; like out on a mission, crouching, serious searching, digging into the depths.

today i was on my walk and had planned to end in the park to desperately look for that elusive four leafed wonder. i had a bit of a heavy heart over some family hurt and was praying about it, thinking how my mom would know exactly what to do and how to handle it. i felt sad and to the point of crying out there in the open sky, then i saw it. my four leaf clover!

it was an answer to prayer. not so much finding the clover, but what my heart was breaking over.  this was an ease of mind, a peace that surpasses all understanding. my soul asked, ‘is it going to be okay then?’ at that moment i saw the other one. that was the validation: the ‘yes.’

just when i was breaking, i got the comfort i needed. i didn’t have to search for it or work for it. it was a sweet gift and the most perfect timing because it wasn’t mine, it was His.

now i have two lucky clovers: one for me, one for her.