over the mother’s day weekend

mother’s day is pretty much my favorite day of the year. i like it even better than my birthday, and i REALLY love my birthday. there’s just so many feels and emotions attached to this day. plus i get breakfast in bed complete with mimosas, am showered with gifts and kisses, and i don’t have to lift a finger to do anything whatsoever. basically, i am queen for the day. seriously, best day of the year.

the weather was absolutely abysmal the entire day. so we all three (well four if you count the few minutes the cat decided to join us) piled on the bed, listened to music and watched the rain fall outside. matt made me a frittata packed with fresh farmers market goodies and a toasted gluten free apple cinnamon muffin. i got chocolate and prints from local artists as well as the unrated 50 Shades of Grey movie from amazon prime. did i mention this is my favorite day ever?

the afternoon proved to be gloomy still, so we lazed about the house spinning records and playing monopoly and video games. i sipped on gin n tonics and got a foot massage. and for dinner, matt grilled out a new york strip and whipped up some tasty sweet potatoes with sautéed greens and peppers.

as soon as kiddo went to bed, we turned on 50 Shades and well yada yada yada.

so, yes indeed. best day of the year.