avocado toast

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it’s how i start my day. i thought it only natural that i begin a new blog this way.

i love avocado. it wasn’t until recently that i even knew that about myself. but here we are, more than halfway through 2014 and i freaking love that green pitted fruit. but isn’t that just the thing? we are constantly evolving beings, changing with the times, ebbing and flowing with the seasons of life. we aren’t nouns, but verbs: always being and doing.

i want this new version of blogging to reflect that notion. i am not the same person that i was five years ago when i (tentatively) began sharing outfits with you all in an effort to fit in somewhere on this planet. i am happy with myself: my body, my style (or even lack there of), my parenting (or even lack there of), and my relationships. this manifestation of a personal web log; a journal for potentially the world to see, is to chronicle my every day. whether that is my cat photo-bombing a great shot of my breakfast or whatever. but it will be my real life. and my real thoughts. and they may be contro to what i’ve shared before, but it will be me now and the woman i am growing into. i hope you want to follow along.

i plan to only use my iPhone for photos shared, nothing fancy. life happens in the moment, in the unscripted, and i want to document that for everyone who wants to journey with me.