don’t be a weak thinker

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i just finished reading ‘american rust.’ it was given to me by a friend and while it’s not necessarily something i would have picked up on my own, i really ended up enjoying this read. the subject matter was a bit heavy, but i loved the writing style, stream of consciousness, as it’s kinda how i typically write. it pulls me in to the characters, allows me to feel what they feel. plus, this book had some really great lines, like ‘don’t be a weak thinker.’

i love that thought. it’s not that we’re weak willed or weak hearted or even weak physically. we just don’t think we can do something so we won’t even try. i want that line to be a kind of mantra for my life. any action or idea starts in the mind and if you can’t imagine big things, you’ll never accomplish them. not necessarily MLK or JFK or Beyonce kinda things, but SOMETHING. go beyond the comfort zone, outside the box, uncharted territory. a challenge. a stretch.

don’t be complacent, average or ‘normal.’ always strive to be more, whatever ‘more’ looks like.

imagine. create. BE. greater than you’ve ever known or understood to be possible. go above and beyond the realm of possibility. surprise yourself. there’s always more, bigger, better, greater out there if we’ll only just believe it to be so. then work hard to make it a reality.

but it all starts with ‘don’t be a weak thinker.’


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