the main event

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last friday was the annual main event, a fundraising dinner for our main street organization. it’s like the most fun thing. we get all dressed up, eat yummy food, drink tasty cocktails and spend lots of money to benefit our downtown. matt and i always bid on the same item: one night stay, dinner and limo ride to the cherokee casino. yes. three years running. this time around, it was a live auction item, and boy howdy did matt have ever so much fun outbidding everyone else. of course that means we also spent about $100 more on it than previous years but what the hey, it’s for a good cause. and that limo ride is worth it, man. of course, the ride is only about 10 minutes long because the casino is really close by, but WHO CARES I’M IN A BLEEPING LIMOUSINE!! plus the steak house there is off the churt. so good.

but the whole event is awesome and it always raises a ton of money. i think it accounts for about a quarter to one half the total yearly budget for the organization. and our main street is kinda the cutest.

the photo booth was a nice new touch this year. you can tell this was at the end of the night and we were feeling loose and happy. and i rocked the shit outta this pantsuit. dancing like a crazy person out on the floor. yep, it was a fun night.


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