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my mom and i used to look for four leaf clovers together. she was a master at it, could find them by just walking through the grass, always with her hands clasped behind her back. sometimes she’d ruffle the tufts with her foot is she suspected maybe that extra leaf was from a clover neighbor and not a lucky one at all.

every spring i’m compelled to find one. the parks are full of lush clover mounds. the past couple days i’ve been searching hard for one; like out on a mission, crouching, serious searching, digging into the depths.

today i was on my walk and had planned to end in the park to desperately look for that elusive four leafed wonder. i had a bit of a heavy heart over some family hurt and was praying about it, thinking how my mom would know exactly what to do and how to handle it. i felt sad and to the point of crying out there in the open sky, then i saw it. my four leaf clover!

it was an answer to prayer. not so much finding the clover, but what my heart was breaking over.  this was an ease of mind, a peace that surpasses all understanding. my soul asked, ‘is it going to be okay then?’ at that moment i saw the other one. that was the validation: the ‘yes.’

just when i was breaking, i got the comfort i needed. i didn’t have to search for it or work for it. it was a sweet gift and the most perfect timing because it wasn’t mine, it was His.

now i have two lucky clovers: one for me, one for her.


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