my patriots are going back to the super bowl. last night was EPIC. we were yelling, screaming, high-fiving, cheersing, running through the house with me on matt’s back. the ‘no worries’ house was ROCKING. i wore my blanket on my back like a poncho because i couldn’t sit down at all during the game and i whipped my fan towel over my head. seriously, it was like we were in the stands at gillette stadium. that horrible monday night in kansas city when i yelled at an idiot kid tomahawking in my face and cried in the parking lot seems like a lifetime ago. yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and now i’m going to orlando to watch the game! yes, i know that the super bowl is played in arizona and not florida. but matt has to stupid work in stupid orlando that weekend and we can’t possibly endure the stress of the biggest game of the year apart from each other!!!!! so hooray for football and the patriots and the super bowl and sunny florida!


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