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i’m terrible at makeup. i barely wear any and then when i do, it’s poorly applied. if i even try to attempt eye shadow i look like a cross between a hooker and child’s drawing of a hooker. i typically keep it to eye liner (also crudely drawn on) and mascara, a bit of foundation in the winter when i’m pasty gross. but i’ve been thinking about my lips. i want colorful lips. i want a signature hue that says ‘i’m confident and i don’t even try that hard.’

but here’s the deal: i don’t know where to begin. i buy the cheapest stuff i can find because i can’t be bothered spending a lot of money on something as silly as makeup. then i find that the product is total garbage (of course) and regret my purchase and it sits on the shelf in my bathroom unused forever because i always forget to throw things away.

your homework, my fine readers, is to tell me the best lip brand out there. i want it to be easily accessible though. i’m not driving to sephora or anything like that, it’s too far away. i’m talking walgreens accessible. so please share your ideas!

ps i kinda wanna look like this girl found via garance dore

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 9.37.13 AM


8 thoughts on “lips

  1. Personally I like matte lipsticks because I think they’re more forgiving toward those of us who aren’t terribly skilled at makeup application. Love Mac Ruby Woo and the NARS Velvet Matte lip pencils. They are a little pricey but last a long time.

  2. I have the EXACT same dream of being known as that girl who always rocks a bold lip, but then I do the same cheap Walgreens route because who the hell can afford something the size of a pinky for $20?? So instead, I have about a thousand $1 tubes that suck but I won’t throw away simply for the possibility of getting my money’s worth on Halloween or an opportune dress up party (I haven’t been to a dress up party since college, but I hold out hope). HOWEVER, from my Walgreens quests I’ve actually really loved Revlon color burst lip butters, I now own 5 of them. At my Walgreens, they’re often on a buy one, get one half off sale (I think $7 individually?). I feel like on the lip wear spectrum, it’s a step up from lip stains but still similar to if Chapstick and lipstick had a baby. Good luck!

    1. everything you said is exactly how i feel. but i’m totally digging my revlon lip color and i’m gonna rock that shit. it makes me feel super cool and put together. and i love walgreens.

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