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thought i’d share with you some recent favorite thrift finds. also file this under ‘outfits soon to be worn.’ as much as i lament the ensuing cold weather, i’ve been having the most fun bolstering my wardrobe for the change in season. or maybe i’m just having  a good time shopping. po-tay-to po-tah-to.

each fall/winter and spring/summer i make a list on my phone of the items i want to watch for while thrifting. and, usually, i only find a few things on my wish list and then i’m sad and i hate everything. but the second-hand fairies have sprinkled their luck dust on me and i’ve hit the jackpot of goodies so far. i mean, are you kidding me? brogues, ankle booties, perfectly worn levi’s, cat bag, lace dress, and Dr. Ruth’s GUIDE TO GOOD SEX?!?!?! seriously, guys.

i’ve also picked up the best faded black skinnies and loads of striped shirts. i’m going to be draped in stripes this season. if you see me around and i’m wearing stripes each time, know that i’m not an escaped convict, i’m just really into stripes. also, the word ‘stripe’ is losing all meaning to me right now. stripes.

i still have a few wayward pieces to locate before my list is completed, but i’m pretty happy with my progress so far. do you guys do that too? make seasonal wish lists? i think they’re highly effective. it keeps me on track when i’m at the thrift shops so i don’t just load up on things i think are ‘cool’ in the moment but don’t really work in the grand scheme of my overall style story. because lord knows i can get easily distracted by that sparkly body con dress and moto boot but let’s face it, neither of those have any business being on my body or in my closet.


5 thoughts on “thrifty

  1. I really should make a list like that. I often make mental lists of what my wardrobe is in need of (ex: sweaters) and have general guidelines to keep myself on track like ‘neutrals! neutrals! neutrals!’. Keeps me away from the crazy stuff I buy and never wear when I realize I’m not a tall (basically) supermodel named Yen. Good finds!

    1. haha!! yen can basically wear burlap sacks and sequins and ripped shorts and everything in between and look effing fabulous. it would be annoying if i didn’t love her so much. but yeah, the list keeps me focused. otherwise i buy all the sparkly, quirky, silly things i find and then i look like my 10 year old dressed me for the day.

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