and it begins



there is a someecard that goes ‘all spring and summer she was a graceful, classy lady…then football season started.’ while i could argue that i’m not super graceful or classy in the heat of summer, once the nfl season commences i get downright filthy. and tonight it begins.

if you know me at all, you know that i am a rabid new england patriots fan. i enjoy any football game, but if the pats are playing, don’t even talk to me unless it’s a commercial or we’re up by at least 2 touchdowns. i set up shrine by the tv with all my fan memorabilia and load myself down with socks, scarf, blanket, bear, football, necklace, ring and jersey. and then i scream my head off for 3 hours.

a couple years ago, matt and i went up to foxborough, mass to see the patriots play on monday night at gillette stadium. easily one of the greatest nights of my life. i am pumped to get to see another game this season at the end of the month. photo 1 photo 2


having a common interest in football has been such a fun thing for matt and i. we do it up. monday nights we grill steaks, open a bottle of wine, eat ice cream while watching the game. sundays are spent in the living room with tv and laptop going tracking different teams and trash talking about the players in our fantasy football league. we love this time of year. and we’ve been looking forward to tonights kick off since february. 

so, if you need me for anything on a thursday, sunday, or monday for the next five months, too bad. i’m watching football.


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