closing shop



if you knew me from previous blogs, you probably remember that i had a vintage shop down the street from my loft in historic downtown siloam springs. opening that little store in february of 2009 was a dream come true. i planned and collected inventory for close to a year, and on that first day, i was so nervous that no one would show up. instead, i got cleaned out! my shop felt so empty, which was a great problem to have, especially in the wake of a national financial crisis. 

fast forward a bit more than five years later, and i’ve closed the doors to amandromeda the store. it was bitter sweet for sure. i had so many good times in there, but it came down to the fact that i wasn’t making money anymore. oh yeah, people would come in and say how cute it was and maybe even try on an outfit and giggle at the crazy 80s prom dresses and assure me if they ‘weren’t so broke’ they’d totally buy that cool sweater i had in the window…….but all those encouraging words never helped me pay my rent. so more and more i felt resentment at having to walk down there, unlock the doors and sit behind the counter all by myself. the breaking point came on a saturday morning. i was running when i should have been at the store, and i thought ‘there is no where on earth i’d rather be LESS than at my shop today.’ very telling, that realization. 

i spent the rest of the month selling out and cleaning out the space i’d occupied for a long time. i was one of the first shops in our newly revitalized downtown. it was hard to let it go, but it was the right decision. for me and for my family. i love saturdays again! 

so now i’m not a shop girl anymore. frankly, i don’t do anything. i need to get a job. but you know, whatever. hey at least i’m blogging again! and i’ve reopened my etsy store. if you’re into that and all 🙂


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