playa ocotal

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back in july, my lover and i headed south to costa rica for a much anticipated get away. it was six days of total paradisiacal relaxation. our bed and breakfast style hotel sat on a hill about .4 miles from a very small and secluded black sand beach. there was only one restaurant, so we got to know the wait staff quite well. but the food was great and the company even better. one day, we cabbed it over to a neighboring town, much more tourist packed than our tiny area. admittedly, there was more to do and see in playa del coco, but we far preferred the quietness of our ocotal beach setting. 

every morning, i’d wake up and lace my running shoes for a jog along the little roads surrounding our hotel. but i’d always end up by the water, listening to the waves crash against the shore, breathing in the salty air. i’d make a pact with myself each day: to not let the time get away from me. i needed to enjoy each moment and soak it in, revel in it. the beauty and solitude of those mornings took my breath and left me so thankful and happy. i couldn’t wait to see Matt so we could start our day together.

those are the things that feed me, give me energy. i’m not an adventurer or thrill seeker. i need time to run, time to reflect, time spent with my husband and son, time with my Lord, time to lay in the sun and listen to the waves crash.  

now i am back in the busyness of life: school, cooking, cleaning, errands, and the stress of every day small town stuff. i miss that little beach along the western costa rican shore. but i’m thankful for the pictures and memories and the connectedness i gained from that trip. 

so what feeds you, gives you energy? and where should i travel next?


2 thoughts on “playa ocotal

  1. Travel absolutely feeds me too. I take day trips all the time to keep me satiated. Most of my travel in the past couple years has been to Canada because my partner lives there but now that we’ve broken up I’m excited to hit the road more globally. Mostly visiting friends and family. Hoping for France, Japan and Hong Kong but if I could I would drop everything and visit Iceland. I’ve always wanted to go, have you been?

    1. i’ve not been to France, Japan or Hong Kong!! i’d love to visit France and Japan. we mostly go south when we travel since it’s cheaper 🙂 but our plan is to go to Spain or Italy maybe as soon as next year. i love getting to immerse myself in another culture. live simply while there and learn from the locals.

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